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2015 UPDATE!

A Better Way To Make a Living

If you're tired of being broke, go to my website and find out how to make more money with less work.  If you are a final expense agent, its time to make a switch.  You know why, don't you? 

Additional Note:
Incare no longer notifies me when agents enroll under me.  (Go figure!).  If you want to use the braces and need additional training, my full presentation is on my website.  If you need additional help, call me at: 336-408-7935

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Knowing a Doctor, Dentist, or Business Owner Could Make You $162,000 Per Sale.
Average sale is $162,000 and you don't even have to sell them.  Just get them on a 3 way call, and we will close them.  We show business owners how to retire tax free with no market risk. We've had agents who made well over a million dollars by talking to their doctor, who had a few partners who also signed up.  97% of business owners want this plan when they hear of it.  You have a doctor and dentist, right?  Or form an alliance with your CPA or P & C agent and do a split.  We will show you how.  For more details go to:

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